New Home Construction
The use of drone technology to showcase properties is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Gone are the days of spending endless hours, days and weeks in the search for Residential and Commercial properties. A single, short aerial presentation can give the prospective client a look at the building and community while sitting comfortably at home or office with no effort beyond a few clicks.

Aerial photography has greatly reduced frustration and waited time for both the buyer and the agent. Find your property faster and will less effort time by viewing properties first via aerial photography.

Community Planning
Drone technology is deployed at ever step of modern home construction. From the initial survey of the land to street and infrastructure planning to road construction, all are carefully planned with the assistance of aerial photography provide by a drone.

Land managers, construction manager as well as zoning officials can get an up to date view of the various projects and use images to carefully plan all phases of the project.

Again aerial photography proves its self as a useful and almost indisputable tool for community planning.